Thursday, July 22, 2010

Beth Chase Update, DNA


  1. Is the same girl I heard on Mormon Channel "Everything Creative"?

  2. Hey Erin, I'm a mormon fashion PR girl here in London, and I heard the 'everything creative' piece just today. I've also seen you on Scouted.
    Just wanted to say how grateful I am for you putting yourself out there, doing the show and the mormon channel.
    I get a lot of conflicting opinions about being in the fashion world.
    I love that you've proven my point - that you can be in an industry like ours, still represent mormon values and actually go beyond that by being a missionary. I completely agree that if someone wants to find sex drugs and alcohol, they will do that whether they're in fashion or not. Also Beth is stunning and super editorial, fantastic job.
    Many thanks from across the pond!